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Risk Management Technology


The management of risk data and information is critical to the success of any risk management program regardless of size or industry sector. Risk management information systems (RMIS) provide support for effective risk identification, risk control, and risk financing by enabling the consolidation, organization, analysis, and dissemination of information from multiple sources.


Typical RMIS programs allow for storage and report generation for key data related to insurance coverage, claims, asset schedules, exposure information, policy information, evidence of third-party coverage, vital contacts, actuarial information, trending and benchmarking data, and general administration.


Our team has extensive experience with the selection and implementation of RMIS technologies, including development and implementation of customized client specific systems and can assist your organization with:


  • Identifying your system needs
  • Researching and evaluating RMIS vendors and products
  • Determining the best system solution for your needs; Off the shelf product, or Proprietary system solution
  • Review of Insurance Policies Requests for vendor proposals (RFP)
  • Vendor RFP presentations (Q&A sessions, oral presentations, site visits, product demonstrations)
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
  • Vendor contract review
  • Vendor work-plan development
  • Vendor implementation and status monitoring
  • Data requests
  • Conversion mapping
  • Proprietary RMIS design and implementation
  • On-going services and data management