Covenant Risk Advisors, Inc.

Insurance Risk Advisory Services

Risk Management Program Audits


Auditing risk management and insurance programs allows for point-in-time analysis of exposures, services, program design and implementation to assess whether assets are appropriately and cost effectively protected.


Our evaluation considers insurance market conditions, relevant peer groups and managements’ tolerance for risk in order to identify opportunities for program improvements.


Specific services may include:


  • Reviewing the risk management function within the organization
  • Identifying and analyzing exposures to loss
  • Evaluating breadth of current insurance programs
  • Identifying insurance coverage gaps or redundancies
  • Examining vender relationships – insurers / re-insurers, brokers, claims / loss control administrators
  • Review of contracts and organizational structures
  • Presenting actionable recommendations
  • Assisting in implementation of agreed upon solutions
  • Assessing implementation results